This year’s 5th edition of Lodz Design starts on October 20th, 2011. During the past four years the Festival has evolved from a local event consisting of several exhibitions, into the biggest such Festival presenting a wide range of Design in Poland. Owing to well-known experts, international visitors and guests participating in the Festival, it became renowned worldwide. The time that has passed since the first edition also allowed to clearly define the Festival’s character and structure. The central point of Lodz Design always compromises of a theme programme including either two or three curator’s exhibitions and enhanced by an open and rich  repertoire of accompanying exhibitions.

The Festival also plays an extremely important integrating role. What is most important, it enables both the business and creative environment to cooperate. At the same time, it presents various disciplines, defined by the word ‘design’ – from industrial design, art & craft design, through graphic design and architecture, all the way to fashion. It is an opportunity for groups and associations of professionals from different fields who are co-creators of the Festival, to meet and exchange experiances.

In 2011 the theme of Lodz Design Festival is Change!. This theme has been chosen in order to reflect and focus attention on the changes in thinking about design, that we witness and are a part of. In Poland, these changes would mean that the market where a designer and their project function, is evolving and maturing. On a bigger scale, the theme accentuates the changing social needs, together with the expectations towards design and therefore also towards designers. The designers themselves are facing new challenges: to design and produce less but smarter, locally instead of globally, timelessly rather than trendy. These appeals are not a matter of temporary trend, it is rather a necessity if we want Planet Earth to serve future generations. They are the results of general changes taking place in culture nowadays, the need to create the esthetics of our life’s environment, to think about the future of surrounding nature. The terms ‚ecology‘ and ‚sustainable development‘ are being overused today in the same way as the word ‚design‘ is. That is why we believe it is important to start using them consciously and in a smart way. The phrases: re-use, re-duce, re-cycle, are not as difficult as they may seem, but at the same time they do not come down to just „playing around with garbage“. They are also biotechnology, art&science, microarchitecture and many other things that seemingly have nothing to do with design. We can and we should talk about the changing world. We can also be active and participate in these changes, decribe them and comment on them. And that is one of the goals we set for the Festival.

In the main programme ‘Change!’ we will present exhibitions consisting of 2D and 3D design, architecture, Polish and international design. In their projects, the curators advancea thesis and ask questions. They give answers to some of the questions, for answers to the other we have to look together with the others. The Festival’s programme will include some regular and tested in previous years features such as the international art schools‘ review, make me! contest, portfolio review which we succesfully launched the previous year, lectures divided into themes, movie screenings, discussions and workshops.

The growing interest of designers who would like to participate in the Festival caused our decision to anounce, for the first time, a competition for happenings and exhibitions in the Open Programme, where projects submitted should correspond with the Main Programme’s theme.

Change! also has an additional, symbolic meaning. This is the first time that the Festival will take place in a different location then that of the Organizer’s – Lodz Art Center – offices. The amazing space of previous Scheibler’s textile factories will undergo revitalization this year. It is a precious and long-waited for information but also a challenge for organizers, designers and curators. It is also a chance for the Festival to develop and a possibility  to experiment with untypical spaces in Lodz.

We would like to invite all designers, curators and design centres to cooperate with us. We welcome all producers, engineers and distributors. Visit us at Lodz Design 2011 Festival from October 20th till the 30th.