The School Review is one of the key events during the Łódź Design – the International Design Festival in Łódź.

It allows art schools to cooperate and confront their programmes & teaching methods, to exchange thoughts and experiences. It is a great opportunity to promote themselves and to present their accomplishments. The multimedia shows and exhibitions present the works of the most talented students, and that is how the most fundamental aim of the festival is realized – to discover young and gifted people.

We would like to invite all schools, departments and divisions that are all about textile – unique, industrial, innovative and traditional – to participate in this year’s School Review.

Regulations – School Review 2011
Application Form – School Review 2011

The deadline for submitting application forms is June 9th 2011 – determined by the date on which the Organizer receives the application form. In case of any questions concerning the School Review please contact:

In 2011 the theme of the School Review is TEXTILE.

This year we decided to focus on the textile design tutorial. It is a nod towards the local Academy of Fine Arts which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It is also a well deserved attention to this forgotten and neglected subject facing a great future.

There aren’t many things in our every day life that have a history as long as the textile. It has accompanied us for eight thousand years. Starting with primitive pleats, made with natural materials such as grass, fibres, flexible twigs, all the way to the newest discoveries NASA-style and sports laboratories fulfilling our practical needs, at the same time playing the decorative and artistic function. It continuosly evolves, keeping its identity: it uses ever newer and newer materials and technologies that respond to the changing human needs and expectations. It lives continuously. It surprises us by embracing new forms, patterns, colours and functions.

The theme of Łódź Design 2011 is CHANGE.

During the School Review we decided to take a closer look at textiles and their meaning nowadays as well as at the directions in which they are evolving. Is it an area of discovering new possibilities, implementation of innovative projects, a field of aesthetic aspirations, or is it just a historic artifact which can be honoured but is no longer a design challenge? Each of these possibilities is a description and an expression of change. The change of human expectations, their aspirations and needs. The time for a break-up with textile has not yet arrived. Those who foresee new trends, promise a great comeback of textiles. What do modern textile say about us? What do students try to say by it? Let’s bring textiles back to Łódź – once the heart of textile industry.