After each intense, inspiring and busy day of the main weekend, we invite you to relax a bit and have some fun during festival gigs in the clubs of Łódź. The festival multi-entrance ticket costs 30 PLN and entitles you to take part in all the gigs. Tickets are sold at the festival office: Łódź Art Center, 3 Tymienieckiego Street.

14.10 // Ambasada Club, 13 Zielona Street // concerts: 23:30 Pink Freud // 00:30 Bartek Szczęsny

On Thursday, we invite you to a special concert by Pink Freud, with visual effects prepared by the artists themselves.

PINK FREUD is one of the most interesting Polish jazz bands. They skilfully combine spontaneous, improvised music with electronic sounds and the free spirit of the 60s and 70s. They often use traditional music phrases as a base for their own extraordinary compositions. The sound of the band stands out thanks to the rich narration with electronically synthesised instruments. The musicians also have a great sense of humour and do not take themselves completely seriously all the time. They are not afraid to do their own interpretation of classics such as ‘My Man’s Gone Now’ by George Gershwin or ‘Come As You Are’ by Nirvana.

They have played a few hundred concerts in Poland and abroad (e.g. in Germany, France, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Ukraine). Their music is interesting enough to be included in the line-ups of rock concerts such as Open’er and Off Festival. The music videos of ‘Come As You Are’ and ‘Dziwny Jest Ten Kraj’ have been given awards at the Yach Film Festival.

At the concert, they will play their newest songs from the Monster of Jazz album, whose cover was made by Adam Kamiński. It will be modern jazz with elements of contemporary chamber music, enriched by orchestra samples. All this dressed in the best of electronic music. We will also hear inspirations drawn from the band’s recent trips to Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Africa, and elements of jungle, afrobeat, film and pop-culture references. The music is very vivid, emotional and respectful of tradition, but at the same time it goes ahead into the future. Most importantly, however, is meant to give people energy and joy of life.

The band: Wojtek Mazolewski – bass  /  Adam Baron – trumpet  /  Tomek Duda – saxophone  /  Jerzy Rogiewicz – drums / /

After the incredible jazz session, BARTEK SZCZĘSNY will take us into a world of sounds from various music genres combined with dance-floor beats. Bartek Szczęsny is a DJ whose top priority during gigs is to make the music flow with enjoyment and positive energy which is created between the audience and the performer. His music is augmented by a bass guitar, and he uses midi controllers to manage electronic sounds. The fascination for synthesisers can be heard in his music, but between the pulsating bass lines, there are melodies and developing harmonies. It is nu-disco, balearic, house and electro, all mixed together. Dance and melodic themes are present in all songs.

15.10 // Pewex, 28 Narutowicza Street // concert 23:00 Łąki Łan // 00:30 Piękni chłopcy

On Friday, we invite you to a crazy funk music gig and an extraordinary show by ŁĄKI ŁAN.

Their last album ŁĄKIŁANDA has left a permanent mark in the hearts of everyone who had the opportunity to dance to it. This outstanding set received glowing reviews from all important music magazines and websites. ŁĄKI ŁAN concerts have been shrouded in legend for years, and the band’s concerts are valued as the best of all.

POŃ KOLNY – Jarosław Jóźwik – piano [Nosowska, Hey, Reni Jusis]
BONK – Michał Chęć – gitara, voc. [Nosowska, Reni Jusis]
MEGA MOTYL – Piotr Koźbielski – drums, voc. [CzessBand, J WP, Pono, Phantom Taxi Ride, Wienio i Pele]
PAPRODZIAD – Włodzimierz Dębowski – voc. [CzessBand, November Project]
ZAJĄC COKICTOKLOC – Bartek Królik – bass, voc., key. [Sistars, Agnieszka Chylińska, Bracia]
JEŻUS MARIAN – Marek Piotrowski – keyboards [Sistars, Agnieszka Chylińska]

Their incredible costumes and stage performance create an unforgettable show for their audience on concerts in Poland and abroad. They played at the biggest Polish and foreign festivals and with stars such as: Jacknife Lee, Luke Slater, Kevin Saunderson, Transglobal Underground, Jazzanova… /

To keep the hot and energetic beat going, we invited the DJ duo PIĘKNI CHŁOPCY. Piękni Chłopcy are masters of getting the dance floor red hot with their tunes. They skilfully combine jazzdance, fresh funk, afrobeat, new soul and Latin music.

The first one, Ten Piękniejszy, loves soul, funk and jazz. As the dictator of sounds, he kindly and understandingly watches the dancing crowd. After all, he enjoys dancing as well. At home, he is a modest bookworm and an erratic soon-to-be scientist (he is writing his doctoral thesis), who expands his research with remixes of existing recordings.
The second one, Animisiewasz Startt is a quiet home bird that dances a bit to afrobeat, jazzdance and Latin music. He is a hypochondriac that gets a fever from looking at record shops.

Privately, he enjoys talking about music and is a human encyclopaedia of music. He is also a graphic artist working for the European nu-jazz scene and has designed, among others, vinyl single covers for Madrid-based Lovemonk Discos Buenos. They started their working together on the ABC radio for the “Piękni Chłopcy Grają Piękne Piosenki” broadcast. Today, they are one of the most interesting and original DJ duos in Poland. / /

16.10 // Łódź Kaliska Club 102 Piotrkowska Street // starts at 23:00

Party sponsored by Elle and FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland.