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GROOVE Bench – Join us!

A bench – a piece of furniture which accompanies us throughout our lives. It is an invitation to make new friends, take a rest or indulge in contemplation. An obvious element of our surroundings, it is taken for granted and often loses its character in the flood of mediocrity.

We offer a different look at a bench.

GROOVE was created with the needs of city dwellers in mind, especially that it is in the city that the bench tends to have less than positive connotations – a target of vandalism and often devoid of its primary function.
Our project is a multi-generational city bench, which redefines the natural function of sitting and has the potential to become a showpiece of the city. As a communication platform, it promotes the ease of social contact in public space and through its composition encourages to spend time together.

The form harks back to organic shapes and allows to create unique arrangements adjusted to the frame of reference – the conditions of a given space. The bench helps revitalise the area and improves the quality of life. GROOVE is friendly to anyone and everyone – both individual users and groups of people.

Come on then! Join us!

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