re_fresh office


Developer of the Forum 76 Business Centre office building at 76 Piłsudskiego Street, Virako company, is the patron of the installation.

re_fresh office
Long, long time ago, in the floating OFFICEland full of good and hard-working people who led ordinary grey lives, an extraordinary thing happened. One day, all those who wanted their surroundings to gain a fresh look assembled in one place. Each one of them turned into an orange bubble. Shortly, the entire OFFICEland was covered in a huge orange cloud, which grew bigger and bigger. The office land looked fresher. Gleaming surroundings of offices, halls and buildings made people fly through the cosmos of their work, turning each problem and obstacle into an orange bubble. Smiling faces of people, who suddenly felt that they can change their land into a beautiful space, filled the OFFICEland… The legend of this event was passed from mouth to mouth long after that.

Will the space teem with life again? Will the offices be filled with the amazing? Will an October evening become a pleasant reminder of June? Will the space around us get vivid? It will be decided by those who will surrender to this refreshing experience!

We will see it at the very end.

We invite you to the closing of the ‘re_fresh office’ installation by MAKAAgroup at the Forum 76 office building, entry through Kopcińskiego Street

Forum 76.
al. Piłsudskiego 76

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