One of the major objectives behind design is to improve the quality of life. It seeks new solutions, materials and their functions. It discovers new technologies as well as processes and domesticates them for us. It creates aesthetic canons and influences our emotions. It is common where – perhaps – we would not expect to find it and it is indispensable, which makes it inseparable from life. If not for this, the designers’ work would be senseless. Every year the Łódź Design festival touches upon the relation between a human being and an object. The theme of this year’s edition of the Festival is AMAZING LIFE.

Immersed in the everyday humdrum, we fail to register the obvious phenomena: the sun, rain, clouds and wind, warmth, cold, melting and stretching – aren’t those extraordinary? These are physics and chemistry: boring and difficult in the shape of abstract notation but fascinating in practice. Most of us can only admire them but some are able to make use of them and benefit the society.

Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, curator of Main Programme

Main Programme’s exhibitions:
Crumple Zone


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