Bertjan Pot

Lazy Bastard (2009)
EPS Granulate, wood steel and textile

The lazy bastard was made for the Dutch brand Montis and is the streamlined (read: affordable and more comfortable) version of the lazy bastard as made for the Shared Space project. One of the things that fascinated me during this project was its “worn look” without going into the area “vintage” (pffff am I getting tired of that word ..and the people who use it).

Cluster Light (2009)
silver wrapping foil, textile, resin and glassfiber

Ten years after making the first knitted lamp, I found out that the same trick (sucking a knitted textile around a cluster of balloons) also works with a home made laminate of glass-fiber mats, some textile and golden gift-wrap. The light is not really translucent anymore but they serve as a great reflector for led lights that gets a warm touch from reflecting off the golden lining.

TBCEC (2009)
resin EPS Granulate and glassfiber

These glass-fiber and carbon/kevlar beanbags were drained in resin. While hardening in a vacuum bag, they were sat on, to give them their ergonomic quality. It is the same technique as I used when making the shrunken stools, only now the knitting is replaced with a woven glass or kevlar/carbon fiber mat and the EPS blocks are replaced with EPS granulate.

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