make me! is not only a competition, but also one of the foundations and showcase for the entire Festival. The organizers also aim at reaching young designers abroad and at turning make me! into an international event.

The goal of the contest is to give the young creators a chance to present, often for the first time, their ideas and allow them to get professional feedback and criticism. The last two editions have shown the massive need for such initiatives. The number of submitted projects grows larger with every year.

The third edition of the make me! contest has aroused an enormous interest. From 243 submitted entries the jury has chosen 19 projects, which will be exhibited during this year’s festival.

The distinguished designers are:

Anna Dul – Hand Vase (Poland)
Emmanuel Gardin – Recto Verso (Belgium)
Wiktoria Gołębiewicz - Drop – a pouring device for the elderly (Poland)
Hofit Haham – Light Kiss (Israel)
Katalin Ivanka – SeeYou – Concrete Tombstone (Hungary)
Magdalena Jędrzejas – „PIXELS” Clock (Poland)
Magdalena Karasińska – Moso Table (Poland)
Gabriela Kowalska – ‘Join me’ glasses (Poland)
Dominik Lisik – My Love TV seat! (Poland)
Joanna Łyczek – City on the Wall (Poland)
Moran Peleg – Aurelia (Israel)
Aleksandra Pięta & Piotr Wiśniewski – The Podhale Tastes (Poland)
Roma Przyimka – Triple book (Poland)
Anna Rosinke – Sdadtpark design office – Country shrine in Chwaszczyno (Poland)
Mezzamela Design Group: Ida Dziedzic & Konrad Roślak – TOOBO – Lamps (Poland)
Poliszdizajn: Kamila Niedzwiedzka i Nikodem Szpunar – ‘Mosquito’ Floor Lamp (Poland)
Filip Wcisło & Katarzyna Bukowska-Wcisło – SpaghettiMonster (Poland)
Miriam Żink – light MI (Netherlands)
Prodiż Design Studio: Małgorzata Żółkiewska & Przemek Ostaszewski  – Robole (Poland)

20 000 PLN – FIRST AWARD sponsored by Łódź Art Center.

Additional awards:

- a watch worth 8000 PLN from the company Rado

- internship at the Development Department at Meble VOX– award from the company VOX

- internship at the Noti company – award from the company Noti

- an article about the winner at the Elle Decoration magazine – award from the editorial team

- an interview on the website

- Rosenthal mugs from the Ego collection by Karl Lagerfeld’s – award from the company Rosenthal

Internship at the Development Department at Meble VOX.

The role of the Development Department is to shape the offer of furniture and interior accessories. It is also responsible for standards of exposition and the company’s exhibitions. The team consists of designers and design managers who work according to the methodology of design thinking and co-creation, based on working in multidisciplinary groups in cooperation with scientists and various experts. The team conducts research – observing users and including them in the design process so that the product can fulfil their needs, even these that they have not realised yet.

Internship at the Development Department at Meble VOX will give the designers an opportunity to experience innovative methods of creating new products.

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