Dimensions of Design – 100 Classical Seats

An exhibition of miniatures by the A TAK DESIGN

No piece of furniture  has attracted the  attention  of designers, architects and artists as much as the chair has. The chair is closely related to the shape of the human body and it has arms, legs, feet and a back.
The chair has assumed a key role in the history of design – as an experimental object, as the motor driving development forwards, and as an icon. It has advanced from being an everyday utilitarian object to attaining the status of an artistic event.

In the exhibition ‘Dimensions of Design’, 100 miniatures of classical seats convey  the  significance  of  design and the role it plays in the industrial production process. These classical  chairs, exact 1:6  replicas  of  the  originals,  are  presented  on  plinths  in  an  elegant  installation.

The exhibition is accompanied by 40 wall-mounted panels comprising photographs, original drawings and timelines. An integral component of the exhibition is a booklet which guides the observer through the world of chairs and provides a detailed description of each exhibit.

Curator: Vitra Design Museum
Exhibition organised by: VITRA & Atak Design //www.vitra.com, www.atakdesign.pl

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