Group Six – Bogumił Bytomski, Paweł Kaczyński, Krzysztof Roszkiewicz, Marcin Tymiński, Arek Wolski

Each year, the Group of Six presents a premiere exhibition. Recently, they have been doing so together with invited guests whose work they value. The 6:10 exhibition includes thematic works from the last three years.

An exhibition ‘Game – artists vs. craftsmen’ was created in 2008. Participants of the exhibition discussed their personal condition, enforced by their environment – trade, audience, but above all, by their own understanding of the role of contemporary artist.

‘Jewellery has to be beautiful, or at least wise’ was the premiere of 2009. The idea of the exhibition was to create ‘gender’ items – we are talking here about attributing male or female characteristics to the work, regardless of the author’s gender. It is interesting which of these characteristics are culturally identified as clearly masculine, and which are feminine.

The last exhibition (2010) – ‘It is another love song about death’ – touched upon the most exploited theme in culture. Each participant had a choice whether (s)he will be closer to a Shakespearean tragedy or, more frequently, a TV soap opera.

Collection of the last exhibitions and their presentation in a new context, where an item is subordinated to the whole by the way it is exposed, is to be an autonomous comment on the value of an item, and the volume of their production and time, verifying our current choices.


Grohman Villa
Tylna 9/11
opening hours

14.10: 17.00-21.00
15-17.10: 10.30-18.00
Tue-Fri: 13.00-18.00
Sat-Sun: 11.30-18.00
Mon: closed

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